Interviewer app hangs and crashes

We started our survey yesterday with 10 field workers. The first half of the day was eventless but in the second half, we started experiencing issues. There was lag while scrolling and at times the tablet would completely hang. At times they would get a message saying - “Interviewer isn’t responding” with options to close the app or wait. A restart would sort the issue for a little while but it would return again in some time. The issue persists today also.

We are using Samsung Tab A 8 (2017) that we procured last week. All of them have the same issue.

Please help. We need to sort this soon.

How many questions do you have your questionnaire?
In each survey, what was the average number of questions answered?

At one trial we had the same problem, but in our case it happened because the device did not have enough RAM and processor capacity.

Try it with another questionnaire, for example this one: “PUBLIC EXAMPLE Food consumption example” or this one “PUBLIC EXAMPLE Crop Harvest” from the public examples.

Confirm if the issue occurs or does not occur with these questionnaires.

@kv700032 We have about 85 questions and there is a roster with about 5 members in each questionnaire.

@sergiy That is not a viable solution. The issue takes several hours of data collection to manifest.

Survey Solutions has the capacity to do it and much more, in our case we have a survey with more than 8 thousand questions answered.

Try doing what @sergiy says on a tablet that has no information about data collection.
This could give an idea to verify if the problem persists with all the questionnaires or if you simply persist with your questionnaire.

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we are trying to address Ashwini’s reported issue. If anyone else with version 19.07.4 is experiencing the same issue, please contact the support with details.

Thank you, Sergiy