Interviewer app hangs and crashes (Again)

Ever since we upgraded to 21.05 (We are currently on 21.05.2), the field interviewers are reporting app crashes. This issue is similar to a similar issue we faced a few years earlier, but worse.

I am trying to get screenshots of error message and logs. Will share them and another details that we are able to dig up as I get them.

Has anyone also experienced slowdowns, crashes with the new version?

Update: I have sent the logs to the support email. Also adding the screenshot of error here.

Feedback from the Field Interviewers
The interviewer app continuously crashes with the error “interviewer isn’t responding” every few minutes. They then have to launch the app and login again. This has made it impossible to fill in any interviews.

The update to 21.05.3 didn’t help.

@sergiy can you please update on this issue? An update to 21.05.5 hasn’t resolved this.

Dear @ashwinikalantri , sorry to hear the problem still persists. It would help if you could send the logs obtained in 21.05.5 to the support email again from any of the affected tablets. Thank you, Sergiy

I have sent the fresh logs to the support email.

@vitalii @sergiy Updating to the new version (21.05.6) completely breaks the app for some of the interviewers. The wouldn’t launch. For a few interviewers who didn’t have data in the tablets, we were able to resolve this by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. But for the rest, we aren’t sure how to proceed.

We have 2 sets of tablets we use - Samsung Tab A8.0 2017 and Samsung Tab A8.0 2019. Most interviewers with the newer 2019 tablets models are reporting this issue. We have called the interviewers to the office to verify the extent of the issue and to understand if there is any data loss. I will update here if I have any more information.

Is there any thing else I can provide to help troubleshoot? I can’t send the logs as the app wouldn’t launch.

On digging further, only one interviewer who were part of more than 1 survey (workspace) could update without problem. Rest everyone had this issue, irrespective of the tablet in use.