[Interviewer] - App crashes on login

I found an issue in a specific situation with the app Interviewer. I describe the situation below:
An user used a first device with his credentials and his login was successful. Now the same user is going to use a second device and he asks for a password reset. Once the password reset is done, the user tries to login on this second device, it shows the warning and, less than a second after, the app crashes.

A workaround that I’ve been using is to tell the user to login on the web interface. When he does it, the user can change the password. After this operation, if the user goes to the app Interviewer, now it logins successfully.

I’ll appreciate your help to solve this.
Thanks in advance.

Could you please specify the version of Interviewer application?
There is an issue resolved in recent version.
Try to update your installation of Survey Solutions to the latest version 21.09.2 and let us know if this issue persists?