Interviewer app - blank survey and survey crash

Dear all,

I am still in the stage of designing a survey, but I have a version that is ready to be ore-tested in the field.

The survey is currently compiling without any issues and is running smoothly in the tester app. However, once it is synced on the tablet and accessed through the interviewer app, the survey opens a blank page with no options of moving forward. If I click on the three bars on the left I am prompted with only two options: Overview and Complete. Clicking on any of these two gives me another blank screen until the survey eventually crashes. However, if I go to the tab “started interviews” I am able to see the preview of my cover page. This did not happen with the previous version of the questionnaire, and I am wondering if anyone might have experience with a similar issue or probably knows why this would be happening?

Please refer to the pictures in the attachment.

Edit: cropped picture

Since I am a new user, I was allowed to post only one picture in the above post. So I am including more here.

I guess this may be key to solving this. How does the current version differ from the previous?
Clearly, no design made by the user that passed the compilation in the designer should result in such behavior, but to identify what is causing it, it is important to understand what is the content of the cover page currently.

What is the version of the Survey Soltions?
Does the same problem occur on a different device?

Thank you for your prompt response. After trying many different things, including using a different tablet, re-installing the app, changing internet connection, etc. I finally came to the conclusion that it was simply a glitch. The survey did not change much from the previous version, and especially not the cover page. Also, I have the latest version of the SS app. I eventually managed to resolve the problem in an old-fashioned way, where I generated a completely new survey and copied/pasted the cover page and all survey sections. It worked.