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I was able to perform calculations in Survey Solutions Designer on a desktop and the previous version of the Interviewer app. on a Lenovo tablet. However, the calculations are not being done in the Interviewer app ver. 23.04. on the same tablet. The calculations include a ‘running total’ of values in several rosters. I am also not able to use substitution text to display a calculated value from another section. In addition, the Interviewer app stops working regularly hence it is difficult to complete an entire questionnaire without restarting the app.

Your assistance will be appreciated.

  1. Check the same elements on a different tablet. If it works there - then something must be device related. If it also doesn’t work there, then chances are your questionnaire is designed incorrectly.

  2. What can you tell more about the “Lenovo tablet” where you experience the issue?

  3. If “the Interviewer app stops working regularly”, then you should see the error messages/exceptions in the tablet’s log file. What are they?

  4. What sequence of actions do I need to do to reproduce the problem on my tablet?

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I am Sharon’s co-worker. I would like to further highlight this issue by referencing a sample questionnaire - Public example User questions and common patterns (located on Survey Solutions Public Questionnaires/Features demonstration webpage. Link:

I’ve entered the following information within the ‘Burgers’ section of the questionnaire:

  1. How many burgers were ordered throughout the day? 10
  2. Who ordered the burgers? John Doe
  3. Orders History > Orders - John Doe > How many burgers has John Doe ordered? 20

Based on the validation used in the questionnaire’s designer, the following static text was displayed while running the questionnaire in my web browser: WARNING! The total number of burger orders in the orders history is 20, which is different from the total number of burgers reported by the kitchen: 10

Issue: When using the Survey Solutions Tester app - Version 23.04 on a mobile phone (Samsung A51) and the Survey Solutions Interviewer app - Version 23.04 on a Lenovo tablet (Sharon will provide the model), the validation doesn’t work. The same information (used in the web browser example above) was entered into the same questionnaire (Public example User questions and common patterns).

Output: WARNING! The total number of burger orders in the orders history is […], which is different from the total number of burgers reported by the kitchen: 10

As you would notice, the calculation for “The total number of burger orders in the orders history” was not displayed.

Your assistance is appreciated.

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The Lenovo tablet android version is 6.0. The model number is Lenovo TB3-X70F.

I did upload a log for your information.

@kcoker ,

thank you very much for providing the sequence of actions to reproduce the issue!

Following your instruction I’ve managed to reproduce the different behavior between the Web and Android parts of the application:

Web Tester:

Tester on Android Tablet:

Apparently the burgersTotal variable is not calculated on the tablet:

Will investigate.

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Thanks for looking into this.

Dear @sharonoudan ,

thank you very much for reporting the issue. You can monitor the progress and status at GitHub:

Best, Sergiy


This issue was resolved, new version is available for download.

Tablet application requires update to work properly again.
Once you’ve updated your server is updated to 23.04.1 all Interviewer apps from 23.04 must be updated. Please plan accordingly.

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Thank you for resolving the issue.