Interviewees choosing within options to respond

Dear SS team,

I want to give three excludable options to answer the output of the crops that the farmers grow. I mean, they can choose between answering yield per hectare, total product, or total income. How can I restrict the interviewers to enter information in just one of the alternatives?

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currently there is no easy way to do mutually exclusive questions. You can add a single choice question that Interviewer selects to enable one for followups.

Use a single select question. What is the problem with that?

Because I want they respond the amount of yield, production or income.

So the options in the single select question will be 1=“yield”, 2=“production”, 3=“income”.
Again, what is the problem with that?

The problem is that I need the yield in kg/ha, production in kg or incomes in money. It is not informative to get just the single selection.

You could have a first question of type only selection with options

1 = "Yield"
2 = "Production"
3 = "Income"

Then you could have a second question of numerical type to record the yield, production or income.