InterviewData folder size growth any archive possibility from the app?

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My InterviewData folder occupies 1.7 TB.

The Data Analytics team has indicated that there are some years of data that could be archived or deleted.

What are the options to reduce InterviewData Folder, maybe archiving from the app ? Some other recommendations ?

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Please provide any feedback or best use cases related to my topic.

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some years” - do you mean that you have years-old data still on your server?

In the absence of any other context, the easiest is to:

  1. finish the current phase of the operation (complete the started interviews, finish checks, etc.),
  2. export all data, then
  3. create a new server.

Please confirm if the issue is resolved and what helped.

Hello Sergiy,

In fact, yes, we have accumulated interviews and data from 2020 up to now. The InterviewData folder now contains 1.7 TB.

We cannot smoothly close all operations and start from a new server.

So, my question is, will the application be affected if we delete old folders from the InterviewData folder?

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please any ideeas ?

My disk size are full 2 To and cannot be expanded (NTFS limit).

The site is not reliable.

You may search for *.zip and delete old export files in the folder if you do not need them.
You may clear Export Cache by admin - it will remove old files.
You may turn on and off (or off and on) export encryption - it will clear the export files.
In the corresponding workspace.

Did you collect audio audit?

Thank you vitalii, in fact export is cleared already. The problem is the folder InterviewData folder.

Have you other idea?


Export process could affect files in this folder.
Could you please provide a list of top 10 files in this folder sorted by size?