Interview transcript: download of PDF of questionnaire with answers

Hello Survey Solutions team

The release note 20.09 presented the transcript of the interview: download the PDF of the questionnaire with the answers, a useful resource used the present the content of the interview to a consumer outside of the Survey Solutions system, or for send to the respondent as a confirmation of the answers registered in the interview or for download an interview as a PDF and review it offline.

I have created a questionnaire with a roster with a display mode like the table and when my informant downloads the transcribed interview in PDF the interpretation of the PDF is complicated to understand (specially when you have two or more questions in your roster).

When the questionnaire has a roster, it would be useful and more understandable if the pdf transcript of the interview used the name of each item in the roster instead of the name of the roster.

What do you think?

Thanks for your help.

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