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I made an assignment to an interviewer from a headquarters account and I don’t see it reflected in the Surveys and Statuses reports section. I then sent another assignment to the supervisor and they assigned it to the same interviewer and it still was not reflected in the Surveys and Statuses report as Interviewer assigned for this questionnaire.
Did this happen because of updates that are coming for December 2017?

The interviewer completed the assignment from headquarters and it was then reflected as status Completed in the Surveys and Statuses Report.



Dear Neville,

Please, read carefully this article first:

When you create an assignment - then you assign it to Supervisor or to Interviewer directly. Then - Interviewer creates an Interview (!!!) - then completes it etc. That’s the flow.
You shouldn’t mix this terms - assignments and interviews. In the reports you will see amount of interviews. That’s why you cannot see them at first step - they should be created first then completed then sent to server and then will appear in reports.

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