Interview Status field now showing code

Good day,
I hope you will be able to assist, we have local installations and have recently upgraded from 18.10 to 18.12.5. since the upgrade the exported .tab files has the interview status column that used to contain “completed”, “supervisor approved” etc. now contains codes e.g. “130”, “65”.
Is this a change in the new version?



Yes, in 18.12 we switched from a string to a code to define the interview actions. We will update our documentation to include the correspondence table. Thanks for reminding us and sorry for this omission in our documentation.

We will inform you when it will be done.

The coding of actions and statuses in the system-generated export files is documented in this page.

There have been requests to harmonize the codes and spelling of the actions and statuses, so some more shifts are expected there in the future versions.

Thank you very much Misha and Sergiy.