Interview status codes

In the exported data the last variable for the main file is interview__status.
By looking at the data of a completed survey it has a value of 130 for 99% of the interviews.
Presumably this indicates “ApprovedByHeadquarter”.
Question: Where do I find a table of statuses and their codes?
In the file there are codes for each status changing action, but these are codes between 0 and 18 (nothing for 130).



Hi Klaus,

i think that link here will provide you the information you were looking for. And yes, 130==“ApprovedByHeadquarter”.


Hi Peter,

That’s exactly what I was looking for.


Since the status codes are generated by the system, rather than by the author of the questionnaire, they are documented as part of the system-generated files.

Best, Sergiy

Thanks, Sergiy, I should have searched support instead of googling it…