Interview on Tablet and Server (Completed status) at the same time

Hi SS team,

I would like to report something strange that happened with an interview. This interview was completed and when syncronization was made somehow the interview was rejected but it also changed its status on the server to completed. But for some reason the interview on the server was the last version that was sended by the interviewer while the one that was received rejected in the tablet was a previous version that was missing a lot of information.

We checked the actions log of the interviewer (image attached)
and we saw that at the same time the interview was uploaded to the server an interview was rejected and it was the same interview.

We were afraid that if the interviewer sended the interview again to the server this previous version will now be the one that will be on the server so we made a backup of the information on paper. Fortunately for us when the interviewer syncroniced that inteview dissapear from the tablet and the right one was still on the server. Also the interview had only been assigned to one same user and one same device so no duplication of this kind could happen.

We are confused on what could happen in this case and we would like to know if something similar had happen before(since we couldnĀ“t find something similr on the forum) and what could cause it.


See perhaps: Rejet de questionnaire