Interview Key Changed

Hi SuSo team,

When assignments were created through uploading a file one of the interviews had an interview key.
Minutes later that interview key had changed. What is the reason that this happened?


I don’t understand what this means.
When assignments are uploaded, there are no interviews yet.

Sorry, maybe I didn´t explain myself.

What I was trying to explain is that a Supervisor report us that when he first assigned an interview to an interviewer it had one interview key for example ´14-82-56-74´ but then minutes later when the interviewer was trying to find the interview that interview key didn´t exist anymore. But the interview was still there but with a different interview key.

I hope I was able to explain myself better.

@arodriguezf1295 , I assume you’ve done a decent amount of searches online across the documentation site, and this forum, read and understood the explanation here:

and still claiming your case is different, right?

But the HQ user should still be able to see it. So what does the HQ see regarding that interview? And what does the HQ see about the interview that the interviewer has actually received?