interview_ID in the diagnostics.dta files

Good day Team,

I have been working with the diagnostics.dta file and noticed that the Interview__ID variable has embedded dashes, which has to be removed if you want to merge that file with any of the other files using interview__ID as the key.

Is it possible to have the interview_ID in the same format in all export files (i.e remove the dashes in the interview_ID in the diagnostics.dta file? Its not an urgent matter, but just a suggestion.


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We did some major revision of system variable names in version 18.12. We could have missed the interview_ID in diagnostics.dta files, but just to confirm. What version of Survey Solutions do you use?


thank you, we will remove the dashes in the interview__id variable in the interview__diagnostics file to match the format used in other files. For the moment, before doing the merge in Stata use the following fix:

replace interview__id=subinstr(interview__id, "-","",.)

This fix will not cause problems (your code will continue to work) even after we change the format of the interview__id in our code.

Best, Sergiy

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Good day team,

Thank you for prompt response.

Misha, we just upgraded our servers to the version 18.12.5 this morning. I downloaded the diagnostics.dta file from there and it still has the dashes for interview_ID.

Sergiy, thank you for the suggested code. Will implement as suggested.

Much appreciated,

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