Interview_diagostics not having some interviews

I have some interviews from the main questionnaire not contained in the interview_diagnostics files or interview_actions files…

Should I be worried about this?

Yes you should, (or at least I would be worried to see such an occurrence).

There are a number of interviews that are from the main questionnaire but not in the interview_diagnostics. Close to 200…what should I do?

Are you comparing amount of interviews from interview_diagnostics to the data export file or to the list of interviews in the application in your browser?

Dear @mosotieno ,

There is not much information for diagnostic. Let’s do some base verification:

  1. How did you calculate the number of interviews?
  2. How many versions of “the main questionnaire” are on the server?
  3. What is the version of Survey Solution on the server?
  4. What is the approximate number of interviews?

You should decide whether this is a bug or not. For that, study the relevant documentation and check whether the observed behavior corresponds to it or not. If not, collect the evidence from your system and provide the description of the bug with sufficient amount of detail that someone can reproduce the problem with the instructions you provide.

As usual, the possible outcomes are:

  1. misunderstanding on your side, that can be resolved by additional clarifications;
  2. incorrect documentation, and documentation needs to be updated or corrected;
  3. incorrect code, and needs to be fixed;
  4. incorrect code and no possibility to be fixed.
  5. possibly something else.

Since nobody else has reported this problem so far, the default is nr.1, but I can write no clarifications because no details/descriptions/steps are provided.

Hope this helps.
Sergiy Radyakin