Interview__diagnostics.dta file

Hi Developers Team

Well done on the 18.08 release and the new features, should be very useful!

After a quick look at the interview__diagnostics.dta files (exported in Stata) a few comments:

  1. I could find the variables on n_entities_errors & n_questions_comments, but no variables for the number of questions left unanswered (as per release note) or the number of questions answered (which also would make sense to include).
  2. For the Stata/SPSS export the variables could be labelled. The names are self explanatory, so not urgent, just pointing it out for consistency.
  3. The variable interview__id is missing
  4. Interview_key is written with capital I instead of interview_key as in the other export files

Many thanks




This should have been fixed in the hotfix 18.08.1


Many thanks Misha, great. I just tested and I can confirm points 2. and 4. have been addressed. Points 1. and 3. don’t seem to be addressed yet (no variables interview__id, count of answers missing and filled in), I guess this might be for future sprints.

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Thanks much for checking. On #1, this is for the future release, it took long time to calculate that statistics so we need to do some optimization. On #3 this was probably just forgotten. I will make sure it is included.

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Great, thanks a lot!

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