Interview Assignment functionality

Dear SuSo guys,

I’ve done a couple of surveys now with the different functionalities. And in our last run we used the number assigned functionality to set a number of each survey to each enumerators - instead of doing the sampling and selection from HQ. Which has its pluses and minuses.

However, I was looking through the logs for each of the enumerators because the sample size ended up as smaller than we expected (and not from non-response).

I found that in the logs there were surveys that were created, opened, closed, completed and deleted. So I did a pivot table on the survey IDs to see what IDs got where in the process. I had several that were “deleted”, open, completed, deleted, closed, all had positive values. And I had several that were missing - open, completed, closed, but had no record of the survey on the admin site. and had been submitted from the tablets. We don’t know where these surveys ended up - if the tablet had gone over the number of surveys assigned (because of deletion) or some other reason.

So I have 2 questions -

  1. when we use the assignment function how does the system count them - when they’re opened or when they’re submitted and how does deletion effect this?
  2. if a survey is filled out over the number, and still submitted but doesn’t show up as a completed survey, where does it go?


as an HQ user you order, say 10 interviews. Interviewer sees this 10 on the dashboard. Every time she starts an interview 1 is subtracted from the order and she sees the remainder. Afters she starts 10, she can’t start anymore. Once she delivers 10 completed, the assignment card is removed from her dashboard. If she discards a started interview, 1 is added to the remainder.

As an HQ you see both numbers in the assignments list in the columns size (ordered number) and count (delivered number).

This is perfectly normal. An interviewer started doing something, then realized her mistake and scratched that interview. There is no data on the server, because the interviewer conciously discarded the interview before synchronization. Once the interview is synchronized it can’t be discarded any more of course.

So you didn’t have some that were missing. You just didn’t have them at all and the system should have quite clearly indicated how much was ordered, how much was delivered, how much are yet to be delivered.

Your survey is completed when all the assignments are fulfilled, and that is when all the interviews in all assignments are delivered, which is not difficult to verify using interview__actions file in export.

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Finally, this is not related to the size parameter of an assignment. Even if size is 1, the interviewer can still start an interview, discard it, start again, discard again, and do this 3,000 times.
However, you need to explain to them during training that the discard button, is the button that destroys the data, and if you want to see that data, then the interviewers shouldn’t touch it.

Best, Sergiy