Interview App not syncing while server connection seems OK

I am setting up users for a survey. I see that the connection to the server is OK as shown in the first screenshot obtained from Diagnostics but when it comes to synchronize to get new assignments we have the error message on the second screenshot which says that the web address of the Supervisor application is not valid. We followed the instructions on Synchronization problems but nada. What could be the problem?

Thank you.

Hi dear !! I am experiencing the same issue. We succeeded in deploying the questionnaire to the server and surveyors have worked good. But when it is Time to synchronise and send back their work, there is the same error message than what you got. Who could help us ??:+1::+1::bowing_man::bowing_man:

Hello @etienneanakeu , taking into account this post from @jiangxi

and an earlier post by @kellykode it makes 3 reports in the recent couple of weeks of unexplained inability to synchronize, but none of these reports contains any usable details that could yield any clues regarding the source of the problem.

Perhaps discuss together what is common between your setups.

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I’ve noticed the server responds on both HTTP and HTTPS. Can you try to communicate solely on HTTPS or solely on HTTP while resolving the problem? Perhaps something related to this?

Salut salut !! Merci pour le feedback cher @sergiy Sergiy Radyakin !!

Je vois ainsi que le problème qui me préoccupe a été rapporté par plusieurs autres confères… Ca veut dire que la chose est très sérieuse/ Dans ce cas, est-il possible d’adopter une approche où on peut récupérer les données manuellement ? C’est à dire que, s’il ya moyen de rassembler tous les smartphones ayant servi pour la collecte, et essayer de fouiller la mémoire interne pour voir si l’on peut avoir une copie des questionnaires saisis.

Actuellement, la période de collecte est officiellement terminée et nous sommes censés avoir commencé le dépouillement des données; mais à cause de ce problème, nous n’évoluons pas depuis :weary: :weary:

Below is the original message I sent to request help:

Please Dear Administrators,
I would like to raise a request for maintenance concerning a malfunctioning that has occured on the server at the following address : The server was requested on Nov 9, 2021 (request #8074) .In fact, we have a survey actually on the field, and since 2 weeksthat it started, we are worrying that some of the surveyors are not able today to send their work to the server. When trying to synchronize to the server from remote, this is the message sent: (see attached). “La synchronisation a été interrompue”.

Actually only 143 completed questionnaires have been uploaded successfully to the server, while more than 450 questionnaires have been collected and surely stored on their devices. We would like to know if it is possible to directly retrieve data from the memory storage on smartphones used for the survey; we are really hurrying out of time. The delay to achieve the final report of the survey is next Monday 06th.

We thank you in advance. :pray: :pray: :pray: :bowing_man: :bowing_man: :bowing_man:

And I would add that, since we sent this SOS message, some additional data have been uploaded to the server '(actually the report shows 163 quest). This means, the synchronisation works for some surveyors, while it doesn’t work for others. What can be done ?? please :cold_face: :cold_face: :sob: we are running out of the delay
Let me add screenshots of what surveyors sent us when experiencing the problem.!

Hello @etienneanakeu ,

regarding conducting the survey on a PDS there has been numerous warnings against doing this.

No. By design. For security reasons. And if you find a way please do let us know.

This is key. YOU need to work with your staff to inspect the differences in devices/setup/configuration between the devices that do synchronize and those that don’t.

It can very well be the case that this is a genuine communication error using large interviews packages sent over unreliable networks, meaning try synching over a stable WiFi.