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Hi Survey Solutions Team,

Can you please tell me the languages Survey Solutions interface support (version 18.04) for headquarters and supervisors?

Survey Solutions interface in version 18.04 is localized to Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish

Hi Misha and team, May Vietnamese be on the cards?


We can consider Vietnamese, however, the main problem with localization is its support. As you probably know, we have a very intensive release schedule, and release new features every two months. If we take Vietnamese, we need to keep the localization current.

We have no Vietnamese speaking people on the team, so logistically it is not simple.

If you can organize the translation and support, we can send you files for translation and include it into the next release.

Also, do you expect to have a lot of surveys in Vietnam?

Thanks Mischa,

Ah yes I see. The sustainability of keeping the interface updates reflected into each language would be a concern. At the moment I am just trying to anticipate what challenges we may face if we attempt a small pilot in Vietnam. It seems to me that SS is more user friendly than other software/platforms, but I’ve only recently begun, and elsewhere just planning English and Spanish so far. The translation / multi-lingual features for the elements that can be tailored by users seem to be sufficient for some users (on Capterra “Questionnaire Designer also allows for easy translation. We often design surveys in English, but they’re actually administered in some other language. The translation feature allows us to insert multiple languages in excel files, and upload them. Then enumerators, supervising staff, etc. can toggle between languages during interviews, and when reviewing the completed questionnaires.” I guess they would then just have local translators as synapses to the Eng (or French/ Portuguese/Russian/Spanish) interface?

Based on your message below (and exchange with Martin How can I add a new language to the Interviewer app interface? ) it would be interesting to view the translation files if you could please share, to get a sense of how much is involved in one full snapshot. And then I guess the extent of change involved in each version varies.


An important clarification.
You can design questionnaires on any language and on several languages. We have users who translated their questionnaires to more than 20 languages. Use Translation tab on designer to provide translations. Please watch video on the link below to learn how to translate questionnaires:

There is also a possibility to localize the user interface. That means that all words that you see on a tablet or on HQ/Supervisor applications are translated. This cannot be done by users and only by us. My original answer were referring to that level of translation.

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Fantastic, thanks for that!