Intellisense / auto-complete serves up common Properties/Methods that contain typed sub-string

Use case: For new(ish) designers, it can be hard to remember not only the properties and methods and what they do, but how they should be written (e.g. Any instead of any, Length instead of length, etc.). For busy designers, it is easy to make a keying error in the name of a property or method name (e.g., inlist instead of InList, via Stata muscle memory). The end result is the same: a compiler error with a hard-to-understand error.

To be clear, I’m not proposing to bring Visual Studio to Designer, where properties and methods are proposed as a function of an object’s class and scope. Instead, I am asking that the Designer editor help users avoid simple typing problems that can be sometimes hard to identify and fix (e.g., code that fails compilation because one wrote length instead of Length).

If possible, it would be great to go further. Many modern text editors and IDEs show the syntax model for functions/properties/methods being typed. That would go farther still to avoid difficult to diagnose syntax snafoos.

Practical limitations

  • Would be limited to a system-defined set of the most common properties and methods.
  • Would not be context aware (e.g., know whether Length would be a relevant property for b2)

Some examples from other contexts:

Basic functionality: show name

RStudio’s IDE showing a mix of properties and methods (in Python?), and data objects that start with “S”:

Advanced functionality: show syntax model

RStudio’s IDE showing syntax model and options (for Python?)


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