Integrate interview and assignment views more closely

Even though interviews and assignments are separate objects in SuSo, they are intimately related. Yet it can sometimes be very difficult to see this inter-relationship in the current Headquarters UI.

A few suggestions for change:

  • Include assignment history in interview history. In the Interview Details UI, clicking on SHOW STATUS HISTORY only returns the history of the interview. This can be problematic for those trying to see or troubleshoot the life of an assignment. For example: if an assignment was made to interviewer 1 then to interviewer 2 and both interviewers sent an interview.
  • Provide links within the interview view to each interview’s parent assignment Both on the Interviews screen and on the Interviews Detail UI, the assignment number of each assignment appears. But there is no easy way to move from an interview to its parent assignment. The work-around is to copy the assignment number, navigate to Assignments, input the assignment number in the search bar, and press Enter. Having a link would make navigation between interviews and their parent assignments a much easier task.
  • Add assignment history to the assignment view. Both interviews and assignments have a set of events that happen to them that change their status. This information is only exposed for interviews. But this information is equally important–perhaps more important for troubleshooting–for assignments. If assignments are assigned to one interviewer, then to another interviewer, this is important information that a Headquarters user should be able to see in the Headquarters UI. Likewise if the assignment size has been changed or the assignment archived, this is important information that is not currently visible in the UI.

I like all three suggestions. Please provide more details, preferably with mock-up screens. We will try including these into the next sprint.