Installation of the latest interviewer app version 22.09.1 (build 30342)

An attempt was made to install the latest interviewer app version 22.09.1 (build 30342), on a Samsung Tab A (2017). A message was displayed stating ‘App not installed’. Assistance will be appreciated.

There are many reasons to get this message.
Please download the app again and retry.
If the issue persists - please diagnose the device.

Thank you for your response.

@sharonoudan , if you’ve managed to solve this problem, could you please share your solution? Thank you!

I haven’t found a solution to this problem as yet. The device was set to allow installations from unknown sources. The Interviewer app was downloaded again. An attempt to reinstall the Interviewer app produced the same results i.e. ‘App not installed’.

My colleagues indicated that the following can be the source of the problem:
On the Tab, the latest version of the Interviewer app ver 22.09.1 (build 30342), is available for download on my server. At the end of the Tab screen ver 22.09.1 (build 33151) is on display. Is it possible the installation failed because the build is different?

No. When the app is installed it knows nothing about which server it will communicate to. That will be entered later and is not affecting the installation process.

Try a different tablet and see if you have the same experience. If it succeeds, then there is something about that first device, which is not included in your description.

The installation was successful on a Huawei tablet.

The Interviewer app ver 22.09.1 (build 33151) was recently installed on similar Samsung Tab A devices, to conduct a survey.

Then it is likely the problem with that particular device.
Try a factory reset.

I was told the Interviewer app ver 22.09.1 (build 33151) was also installed on that particular device.

  1. Could you please post a screenshot of that version shown in the app settings?
  2. Where was that version obtained?

Presently, I don’t think the Interviewer app ver 22.09.1 (build 33151) will be displayed
because it is not the latest version. At the point in time in which the version was
downloaded and installed, it was obtained from the local Server.

The Interviewer app ver 22.09.1 (build 30342) was successfully installed on two (2)
Lenovo tablets. A decision was taken to use the Lenovo tablets.

Thank you all for your support.