Install the latest version of the application

User Nasir Iqbal has reported that despite the latest version of the Interviewer App the program demands an update during the synchronization.

The issue occurs because Nasir was doing something that we don’t know that resulted in acquiring the Interviewer App from a different server with the version of the Interviewer App newer than the server is aware of. The server correspondingly refuses to talk to such an App.

All the users of Survey Solutions must/should/have to install the Interviewer App from the server they intend to send the data to. Only from that server. And get any and all updates from that same server.

Not following this rule may result in data loss and/or inability to synchronize the data.

The server name :
Interviewer user name: user001

I have downloaded interviewer app from demo. add the required information i.e. server name, user name and password. Issue remain the same. fail to sync and asked for update the app.
Please guide the process to resolve this issue.

That is exactly the point! The versions as currently installed are different between the two servers!

Thanks. Got it. I have downloaded the version 19.08.