Information on interviews assigned, downloaded to tablets

(Efoster1) #1

We start our survey by making initial assignments, some are made direct to interviewers, and others to the supervisors who them assign them to team members. Then the interviewers sync their tablets to get their initial set of interviews. There is no way (from headquarters or supervisor) to see how many interviews have been assigned to each team / interviewer, or how many have been downloaded on to the tablets. Even looking at the interviewer profile, you can see the total bandwidth they used to download interviews, but not how many interviews.

Requested change: Make the reports (Surveys and Statuses, Teams and Statuses) actually use the “Supervisor Assigned” and “Interviewer Assigned” columns to show assignments that have been made. Add a column between “Interviewer Assigned” and “Completed” for those that have been downloaded on to the tablet.

(Sergiy Radyakin) #2

A report based on assignments rather than interviews has long been in demand, but so far we have not found a suitable way of reflecting infinite size assignments in Survey Solutions reports.