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Dear Sergiy,

Do you have more information on CATI than what is on the website?

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Hi, Jennifer, what kind of question do you have on CATI?

How is it different from CAPI, considering the design of the questionnaire, server, supervisor/interviewer platform?

I’ve added a couple of links on collecting data over the telephone at the bottom of the following article:

Mathematica has posted a collection of tips for those who are switching from CAPI to telephone surveys.

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Thank you. But is there more information on the technical side of using CATI, for example designing the questionnaire? How is it different from Capi or is it the same? Do you have to select an option for web based questionnaire somewhere?

Another question: is the setup of CATI the same as CAPI and do you use the same platform for CAPI and CATI or do you need to transition from a CAPI to a CATI platform?

A CATI interview is the same as having a CAPI interview in web mode?
  • Yes
  • No

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