Incorrect login or password - Interviewer app

Good day,

I successfully installed survey solutions on local servers. We run some tests, imported questionnaires, created interviewers, supervisors and headquarters. We then created an external URL to point to our server, and it works fine. However, we fail to login interviewers using the external URL (over https), as it says that the login or password is incorrect.

Are there any settings we need to change in survey solutions, like app settings.ini, or any other files?

We have changed the base url in appsettings to our own url, I wonder if there are further configurations to allow interviewers and supervisors to login using their respective apps. On the browsers, we login


P.S.: on the local network, using the server local names we managed to login successfully, but over the internet, it says that the login is incorrect.

The above two statements seem contradictory.

Clearly the login information (username and password) of an account doesn’t depend on which subnetwork it is accessed from.

The only thing that I imagine could be is that you have multiple installations (A and B) of Survey Solutions servers in the local network, and when you are accessing A internally it routes queries to the same server A where the accounts are created, but when you are accessing it from the external network the network switch routes the external queries to server B, which looks exactly like A, but has no such accounts created.

Hi Sergiy.
Indeed the above-mentioned statements seem contradictory, let me explain it better:

  1. If i access the URL that points to my server, i can login successfully as administrator, Headquarter, supervisor and even as an interviewer, (after creating such users, of course).

  2. However, if I use an interviewer app, downloaded from my own server, which seems to be correctly configured, and try to login as an interviewer, it says incorrect login or password. Same happens with the supervisor app.

We followed the steps for server installation, and also read the new features of version 21.5, and there is a section that states that “users that are not assigned to an active workspace can’t login to the server or perform syncronization from tablets”… maybe we are missing some requirement.

Put in other words, what would cause the “incorrect login or password” message other than actually providing wrong credentials?

P.S: The whole process works well in our LAN, but doesn’t work over the internet. We use Microsoft’s TMG (Threat Management Gateway).

Have the tablet join your LAN and try to sync from there. If it does sync, you know that would be something in your network.

Indeed it was a network related issue. Turns out the firewall was the issue, and the authentication would not go past the firewall. We fixed it by setting the firewall not to intervene in the authentication process.

Thank you for confirming the resolution of this issue!
Wishing you a smooth sailing ahead! :sailboat: