Inconsistent status of the assignment

I get quite inconsistent status of some assignments. On the Interviews Tab under the STATUS it is indicated that the interview is Completed. However in RECEIVED BY TABLET column I see No as an option. I thought the two need to agree. I thought there would no way the interview would be completed if the field staff did not Receive the assignment in the first place

First of all, we must clarify some terms.
Assignments have no status.
An assignment is not an interview.

You are not seeing an inconsistent status of an interview, that is the normal workflow in Survey Solutions CAPI, your interviewer finishes their work on the interview so they complete and sync their tablet, the interview is received on your server with the status “Complete” at this point on your Interviews screen in the column RECEIVED BY INTERVIEWER you are seeing NO because the interview is on the server, the same situation applies on your assignments screen in the column RECEIVED BY TABLET you are seeing NO because the assignment is on the server.

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