Inconsistency in export files

Hi Survey Solutions team.

Yesterday when I was review the data of the files export I found some inconsistency of the data present in the interview and the data present in the files exported.

The inconsistency is present if I am exporting the data using the API to export or If I am exporting the data manually.

My problem is:
F6_R2_Apartados is the name of the file that contains the list of products reported by the household. This list of products is using to enable a roster of products.

F6_R3_Productos is the name of the file that contains all the details of each product present in the list of products.

For the interview key 60-01-56-41 in the file F6_R2_Apartados don’t show the information present in the list of product reported by the household.

Look the images

In the Interview:

In the file F6_R2_Apartados:

Look the purple box show the information reported by the household in the interview, but the following red boxes don’t show the information reported.

In the file F6_R3_Productos:
In this file appear all the product reported in the list of products.

I am not sure if this problem is present in other files, but something is wrongly in the export process. This happen me with the export in format Tabular and in format SPSS.

Greetings from Honduras :honduras: and again thank you very much for all your support.

The issue was traced back to the bug that was already reported

This issue has been fixed in our code and the server updated.
It should not occur in the new interviews. The problem is in the older
interview(s) predating the fix. We will coordinate with the server owner
the maintenance to the server in question.