Incomplete preview of options for combo box questions

Hi All,

We were notified of concerns on incomplete preview of options for questions in combo box format. It seems to give an impression that respondents’ responses are not included in the list despite instruction that they need to type in their response to show matched options. Question is a location question with 15,000 categories. Just curious if it is possible to not show a drop-down preview anymore of the responses (since it is limited) to avoid confusion among the respondents?

A text question perhaps?

Hi Sergiy, we also suggested the text question format. Our partners though want to keep the question categorical to lessen post-processing tasks, but didn’t want to keep the combo box format…

So how would the respondent know what to type then? or whether the typed answer is accepted?

Imho, categorical implies selection. If there is nothing to select from - it is no longer categorical.

Question is a location question with 15,000 categories.

Selecting from 15,000 categories is futile. Have you tried to scroll them through? Read them all?

From a practical standpoint, what will you do when you need to add 1 more location?