Incomplete multiple assignments creation

There are 20 headquarters users uploading assignments into SuSo by using multiple assignment creation features (importing tab files). Each file contains 2,700 assignments in average for a team of 5 interviewers (approximately 540 assignments per interviewer).

During the upload process, some files are accepted and processed but not all the assignments are created in the SuSo database. When this problem occurs from the 2,700 assignments that contain the file, 2% to 10% of the assignments are not created in SuSo.

NSO census platform configuration is the following: one load balancer distributing the load into 10 servers with SuSo. The load balancer has configured sticky sessions for up to 15 minutes.

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Did you get any errors displayed after assignments preloading file was processed?

You might also try use API to create assignments as well.

No errors were displayed by SoSo, in fact the messages presented were referred to as a successful upload process. We discovered after that not all the assignments containing the file were created in the SuSo database.

Right now we are creating a program that connects to Suso API and determines which assignments were not created. This is a massive problem because from 5M cases we don’t know how many assignments we need to create in Suso.

This program is not that efficient because first we have to call the endpoint /api/v1/assignments and it does not return the identifying data, just the assignment id. Then for each assignment returned in the first call, we have to call the endpoint /api/v1/assignments/{id} to collect the identifying data and then compare the households included in the file. For those households that do not have assignments created in SuSo, we will create it by using the API.