Income source decreasing

Hi Sergy. My probleme is when I choose the first three “main sources of income” following a link between a table and a Categorical multiple select “containing these income source questions”. In the table there is a question for the “amount of each selected type” in the three sources above". I would like to make sure that in the validation condition the amount of the main source is higher than the amount of the second one and that the amount of the second one is higher than the amount of the third one.

Why put this burden on the respondent? Perhaps it’s easier for her to tell you the income from the second-largest source first. She tells you the three sources, then you process that data and decide which one you wish to consider the ‘main’.

Can you show your questionnaire?

Hi Sergiy, below the questionnaire. I want to do a code in the roster to order the income in the validation.