Inaccessibility of synchronized data on Supervisor and Headquarters

Hello, the synchronization of my Interviewer app with Headquarters is successful but I can’t see the interviews on either Supervisor or Headquarters. When I try to export, I can’t find the data. When I check in Server Administration/Diagnostics I see that everything is fine. There are no error messages either. What could be the problem?

It could be an issue in an old version of the product. Please update your installation to the latest version and try again.

Last time i’ve seen something like this the data was being sent to the wrong server. Check the synchronization point address entered in the interviewer app.

Hello, thanks a lot for your help. We have upgraded our Survey Solutions installation to the latest version (21.09.2 (build 31713)) as well as the Interviewer application (21.09.2 (build 29802)) as recommended. The link is set up properly on the tablets but this time it is just not possible to synchronize the data.
below the screenshots.

Try to create a test account for an interviewer and sync it. If your new device/account sync fine, then seek a problem with the configuration and/or settings on the existing devices.

Show the settings (address URL) as entered in the tablet.

Your server is communicating without HTTPS, make sure the app is configured not to expect a secure response.

Follow the link in the error message for more advice.