Impossible to synchronize

I can’t get one of my devices to sync. This is the error I’m getting while for all other users it works fine.
I checked in the diagnostics everything is connected properly

How does this device/account/setup differ from the others?

no differences
it’s the same game of device
we bought them all together
so no difference between them

I really don’t know what’s going on. the server is still functional. the application is up to date.
so I really don’t know how to solve this problem

here I have 17 completed interviews but still not possible to synchronize to the server
and I don’t know how to solve the problem

The message mentions the server error. Perhaps, ask your server administrator to inspect the server logs for errors and let know what they are.

I use a demo-personal server
I have admin access
could you tell me how to detect the problem on the server
at first sight everything works fine
how can I find the error in the audit log?

here is what I have in the log file

13:36:57[EnumeratorAuditLogService][Info][SynchronizationFailed {“ExceptionMessage”:“Server error. Please contact your server administrator.”,“StackTrace”:" at WB.Core.SharedKernels.Enumerator.Implementation.Services.EnumeratorSynchronizationService.TryGetRestResponseOrThrowAsync (System.Func1[TResult] restRequestTask) [0x0008e] in <58aad36136cc47d0892eecec2cd4dcfa>:0 \n at WB.Core.SharedKernels.Enumerator.Implementation.Services.Synchronization.Steps.UploadCalendarEvents.ExecuteAsync () [0x00276] in <58aad36136cc47d0892eecec2cd4dcfa>:0 \n at WB.Core.SharedKernels.Enumerator.Implementation.Services.Synchronization.AbstractSynchronizationProcess.Synchronize (System.IProgress1[T] progress, System.Threading.CancellationToken cancellationToken, WB.Core.SharedKernels.Enumerator.Views.SynchronizationStatistics statistics) [0x0012d] in <58aad36136cc47d0892eecec2cd4dcfa>:0 \n at WB.Core.SharedKernels.Enumerator.Implementation.Services.Synchronization.AbstractSynchronizationProcess.SynchronizeAsync (System.IProgress`1[T] progress, System.Threading.CancellationToken cancellationToken) [0x005bb] in <58aad36136cc47d0892eecec2cd4dcfa>:0 ",“Type”:“SynchronizationFailed”}]
13:37:13[NearbyConnection][Info][[STOP ALL]]

Please check, if on this tablet you have left a calendar event on an assignment/interview that is based on a questionnaire, which was by now already deleted on the server. If yes, try deleting this calendar event(s) markers and retry synchronization.

Please, do let know if the above advice was effective.

See also: Personal Demonstration Servers (PDS)

I have searched for the event on the tablet but I can’t find it. the interviewer confirmed that he has already deleted it. I myself have added some and deleted them at the same time.
but i have the impression that the system considers that the events are still present. but i confirm that none of the 55 interviews contains a calendar event
so how do i do it?

Check the assignments as well please.

YES I checked but I don’t notice any arnomal
lately I had just set the assignment to 0 to stop the collection. but will this function affect the already collected interviews?
and is it because of this that the synchronization does not work
I remind you that all the other interviewers (17 people) manage to synchronize without any problem

I would like to know if there is another way to get the interviews on the tablet without synchronization?
I have about 50 interviews in this tablet; it will be a big loss if I can’t get them before my demo server expires.

Please try to sync again. It should work now.

yes yes I did and the synchronization worked
thank you very much
could you please tell me if the error is mine or the interviewer’s? so that the same thing doesn’t happen again
thanks again

The issue was with synchronization of calendar event for assignment\interview that was deleted, because the questionnaire was deleted. This particular scenario should work correctly from now.

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