Importing of Assignment Only One At A Time?

Good day to all,

We are on the deployment phase and trying to speed up the uploading of assignments. I just want to ask if this is a normal behaviour.
I see that there are two steps in uploading assignments with preloaded identifiying information

  1. Verification of assignment (Is this happenning on the app or on the database?)
  2. Importing of assignment (definitely happenning on the pg database)

Our SS setup consists of multiple workspaces. I have several admin accounts that I can use to login independently on different computers.
What I noticed was, there is a queueing on uploading of assignments even though you are uploading on different workspace using different accounts and different computers. If verfication of assignment is happenning on one workspace, and you upload another batch of assignment on other workspaces, it won’t start until the ongoing vefication is finished (even though it’s on a different workspace).

My question is to know if this is the correct behaviour, if not we may be missing something. If yes, is there a way to do simultaneous uploading on several workspaces?

Thank you very much!


What is your server specifications? Is it large enough to accommodate multiple uploads?
again do not forget it is a single application you are running and hence there will definitely be a queue if you are doing two things at the same time.
I hope this helps

Hi @ahmedsalim,

Thanks for the reply. We are running multiple VMs on MS Azure for the server (16 VCore Processors, 32GB RAM, 4TB HDD).

Yes, i think this is because it is still a single application even if you have multiple workspaces, all the data will still be on the same big pg database. We are still looking for ways though, especially on the verification and importing scripts.