Importing data into power bi

while importing data into power bi from the survey solutions database, there are multiple tables associated with the specific workspace. Got confused which one to import. Similarly can’t find the value label for the variables. Can anybody help me on this?

Database structure is optimized for application functionality.
Use exported data in tab format.

Import the files that you need for your analysis.
Perhaps, start from readme.txt to understand where your variables were placed by Survey Solutions.

Where were you looking for them?

Thank you Sergiy,
First, where do I find the readme.txt file?
Second, After importing the table into power bi from the SS database, values of the variables are imported but not value labels. So, is there any separate table with only value labels in the SS database?

Every data export contains a file export__readme.txt. What files are you getting?

Hi Vuwon,

The Survey Solutions database is an application “transactional” database. It is not meant for adhoc querying or analysis. For this, you have to set up your own data extraction/ETL pipelines.

To export data from Survey Solutions use the Data Export feature, either from the GUI or the API for programmatic access. When you export the dataset, you will see the readme.txt files. The dataset will also contain labels, but the structure depends on the format the data was exported in (SPSS/STATA/txt).

A quick recommendation for intergrating your data into PowerBI would be to set up an automated data exporting process that downloads your dataset, possibly transform your data by adding labels (easy in R/Python to extract labels instead of values) and then load them into a separate DB/data warehouse where powerBI will read from

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