Importation of questionnaire

I cant import a questionnaire to the server: the error returned is: Could not connect to Designer. Please check if Designer is available and try again, yet I can logon successfully to the designer. What could be the problem

Try to import the same questionnaire to the Demo server. If it succeeds, then the problem is with your server.

Thank you Sergiy. The questionnaire imported successfully on the DEMO server. I need to find out the issue with our server.

Could be as simple as your server can’t connect to the Internet.

Indeed there were internet problems at office when I inquired. I will try again when they are sorted.
Thanks again Sergiy

Thanks, Sergiy. It worked. Once the internet problems got sorted, I managed to import the questionnaire onto the server!

Reliable internet connection is crucial for the server. Much more so than for any workstation that you are using around the office.

I am glad that you’ve managed to resolve it!

Best, Sergiy