Import questionnaire into designer from json file

On the server there is a questionnaire that it is not anymore in Survey Solutions Designer. I have downloaded from the server a json file of the questionnaire and I would like to import it into the designer. Is this possible?

Hello @DmareSurvey82

  1. Do an export of data from your data server.
  2. Open export__readme.txt file
  3. It will have a link to the questionnaire document on the designer.
  4. Open the link. It will open the questionnaire document in readonly mode.
  5. There will be a possibility to create a copy of that revision, into a modifiable document.

Best, Sergiy

Also, if you just want to start a new version of the same survey in the same workspace, you can clone the questionnaire in the HQ without having to reimport the questionnaire from the Designer (server administrator must do that).

Many thanks Sergiy. I will try to fix the issue since it seems that I do not have permission to read the questionnaire.