Identifying question: how to move from cover to another section?

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Since we did some changes to a questionnaire, 3 identifying questions moved from the 2nd section to the cover page. In the Designer they still appear in the 2nd section, and to our knowledge we did not change anything to these questions. They are used to compare newly entered data with previously entered data. Does anyone have an idea what we can do to get these questions back to the 2nd section?

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Hi @brendakok88

You need to change the scope of the question.
Select in the scope of the question the option “Interviewer”

Hi, thank you for your reply. Is this also the case for preloaded data (so data that was collected during a previous questionnaire) ? Because we do not want the interviewer to enter the data again, but use this data to verify the newly entered data. In the previous version we had, the preloaded data appeared in the same section as the newly added data, while now it has moved to the cover page. Thanks again for the clarification.
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If you preload the questions the interviewer can’t edit it.

If you decide that one question is an identifier the question is moved at the cover section.

Must read: If you preload a question with scope IDENTIFYING the interviewer may not edit it (nobody can).

Questions with scope interviewer if preloaded are still available for edits by interviewers.

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