I think our server is down

Dear Survey Solutions Support Team,

We have a data collection that was supposed to start yesterday, but we have been facing issues with our server (ucbare.berkeley.edu) and we suspect that it might be down. Our enumerators could not synchronize, and we asked them to relog into their accounts. However, when trying to relog and setup the tablet, they could not log in because of a message that says “No connection to the survey solutions supervisor. Please make sure that the website is available” (as in the image below).

As suggested in other posts in the forum, I have made sure that we are using the interview app as downloaded from our server and the version of the app is the same as of the server (images below). I have also run an Android emulator on my computer (which is connected to the internet) to make sure the problem did not lie in the internet connection. Running some checks on the websites suggested in one of Survey Solutions FAQ pages (downforeveryoneorjustme.com), we have noticed that our server (ucbare.berkeley.edu) is flagged as being down (image below).

The problem of our server concerns us very much as tomorrow I will land in the field, and I’ll be there for just 12 days. Not having Survey Solutions would hamper our planned activities. Considering such urgency, if the problem requires more time to be solved, we were wondering whether we could have a temporary server.

I thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,



I think you need to speak with your hosting service provider. Looks like the SSL certificate has expired on your website. This could be the issue.

Hi @namubiruma.

In light of what @ashwinikalantri mentioned above (expired SSL certificate), and the apparent urgency of the situation, another alternative you might consider is setting up Survey Solutions server on a cloud provider such as AWS: AWS setup

The server https://ucbare.berkeley.edu/ has responded ok to me when I just tried it with a valid certificate:

Since this is a server in the berkeley.edu domain, your best strategy could be to address the IT services of the University of California Berkeley for troubleshooting the server functioning. A bit of googling suggests this may be the page you need.

PS: the version on that site is very old. There were numerous problems discovered and fixed in subsequent versions.

Best, Sergiy

Thank you very much everyone, and especially to @ashwinikalantri’s quick and precise diagnose. We contacted our hosting provider and indeed it was a problem with the SSL certificate. Yesterday they have managed to renew our certificate and the server is up again!