I have a roster for which a multiselect question linked to a list question is not listed as source question

Hi to all,

In Section 2 I have a question list with names
In Section 3 (i.e. different sections within the designer) I have a multiselect question where the options are all the listed names. Immediately after this question, I would like to create a roster triggered by this multiselect question, but the question does not appear within the source questions list.

Any idea why this could happen?


I forgot to mention that both the list and the multiselect question are in two rosters that are triggered by the same question located in Section2

Linked multiselect question can’t be a trigger for a roster,

see here:


and in other posts in this forum.

Best, Sergiy

If the last roster utilizes the items that are mentioned in the lists collected in the first roster, than it must be placed in a second roster to maintain the nesting depth.

If this is still not what was intended, please explain or provide a chart illustrating the architecture of your questionnaire, such as for the example above:

Best, Sergiy

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