I can't login to the forum

Hi, I can’t login to the forum, I created another account to login here, I’m using the same login and password as the designer, but I get the message “Invalid username or password”. The biggest problem is that I am also not able to import the designer’s questionnaire to my server, I click on “import template” when I enter the same user and password as the designer, I get the message “User is not authorized. Please check your login and password.
Please sign in with credentials you normally use to access your questionnaires at the Designer site and in the Tester app”. Please help me, my user is “jaimeurtado” and my email is —redacted for privacy—

The same account is used to:

  • Design questionnaires;
  • Import them to the HQ;
  • Participate in the users’ forum.

If you forgot your password, use the FORGOT PASSWORD link and follow the instructions there.

PS: the original email contained an email address that has been removed to protect from spam.

I didn’t forget my password

When I use the user “jaimeurtado”, I can access Design questionnaires, but I cant access “Import them to the HQ” and I cant access “Participate in the users’ forum”. I had to create another account to come to the forum.