HTTP Error 502.5 -ANCM Out-Of-Process Startup Failure


I installed the last version of survey solutions V23.06, with Microsoft ASP.NET Core 7.0.8- Windows Server Hosting and Microsoft .NET SDK 7.0.305. My http://localhost:9700/ still get HTTP Error 502.5 - ANCM Out-Of-Process Startup Failure.
What can I do to rectify this error?


Looks like a mismatch between the Survey Solutions software and the .NET version installed on the server. Uninstall both, then do the installation of Survey Solutions. It will pull in the required version automatically.

I uninstalled survey solutions & the .NET version installed on the server.Then, I deleted the folder survey solutions under C:/ and i redemarated the pc. After that, I reinstalled survey solutions and i saw the required version of the .NET automatically (Microsoft .NET 7.0.1 - Windows Server Hosting). The installation completed successfully, and the same error appear again.
What should I do?


Is there any modifications should I do in the file web.config?

Potential cause could be issue with connection string (invalid value or unable to connect to the server) as well.
Please check Event Viewer for specific issue description.
Please check application logs for more information.