Html tags on OptionTitle, FixedRosterTitle

Good day to all, with the current version of designer (23.06), is it right that the html taggings are not available on some item types? like the ones below

I’m applying language translation inside those items but it just displays as straight line (no new line or any tagging)

The boundaries in red are the translations.

here is the sample code inside the OptionTitle

Output should be like…
b. work as hired manager in another household’s/individual’s crop farm,

(b. nagta-trabaho bilang tagapamahala/hired manager sa lupang taniman/sakahan ibang sambahayan;)

Hello @OliverPA ,

is there any reason you are not using standard Survey Solutions approach for creating multilingual questionnaires?

Best, Sergiy

Hi @sergiy,

I’m using the standard SS approach. I downloaded the template and modified from there. We still have to put the english version as some questions are only in english, it will be empty if i will not put it back. so the translation format becomes…original english version followed by the different language in a new line inside parenthesis in italics.
but it seems like the items below does not allow html tagging.

my workaround right now would be just to increase the white spaces to separate the two languages.

Note that the doc doesn’t say “you can use HTML tags anywhere”. It says:

In Survey Solutions, if a translation is not provided for any term, the original language will be used and not the blank text. You can see that demonstrated in “PUBLIC EXAMPLE Unicode Text and Formatting”:

Hence I don’t understand:

If there is some question that should appear in English in a certain translation, you can include it in English into that translation. The software doesn’t validate the language in that sense that it doesn’t detect whether the translation is into the same language as declared. For example, this can be done for the convenience of the supervisors, if you are certain that the supervisors are all fluent in English, but not familiar with the language of the data collection, and it is too much of an effort to switch the language. Otherwise I would just leave not translated the text where I want the original language to appear.

Hope this helps.

Best, Sergiy

Hi @sergiy, thanks for the quick reply!

Noted on this part, as I have not really tested this, but our format would really be bilingual, english (original) on top then the other langauge at the bottom inside parenthesis in italics.

Hence I don’t understand:

my issue really is on the html tagging
noted also on this:

Note that the doc doesn’t say “you can use HTML tags anywhere ”. It says:

I will need to make some workaround right now.