Html font tags not displaying on interviewer app

I’ve set up a questionnaire using html tags in some quesiton texts. Problem is for font colour it works fine on the webtester and when using web survey setup but on the tablet (tester and interviewer) the font comes through in black colour. I’ve set them up like the example below.


The issue seems to be only with font color tags, I’m using and it works fine on tablet and PC.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

well the forum removed my example of the tags but I’ll try below… remove the ****

<font color="000080">QUESTION TEXT</font>

You can mark code snippets ‘preformatted text’ and they will not be cleaned…

Hello lachb,

see the example section “Text decoration” here:

It shows example and outlines the differences between the CAPI and CAWI modes.

Best, Sergiy

Thanks, I had omitted the # at the start of the number code which makes it work in CAWI but not CAPI.