HQ user to have access only in one questionnaire on local server!

Is it possible to get permission for different HQ users on different questionnaires. For example, here at Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) we have installed survey solution on a local server. In the same server we have import different questionnaires. But we want to delegate permission for single HQ users for single questionnaire.
It is needed for the confidentiality.
Thank you in advanced for the answer.

Burim Limolli
Kosovo Agency of Statistics

Thank you for the question. Each HQ-user oversees all the surveys being conducted on the server. You can instruct them not to intervene, and you can detect if they did. But there is now way to prevent them.

If you need to isolate them, set up 2 (or more) servers separately for different surveys and import different surveys to different servers.

Best, Sergiy