How translations exported now?

In the past, there was an option to export data with the variable and value labels provided by a translation. If I’m not mistaken, this was introduced in version 20.06, where it’s the first topic in the release notes.

In more recent versions, I don’t see the translation selector in the data export GUI. Instead, I see the translations as an Excel file provided in the export archive.

Has the feature from 20.06 been superseded in favor providing export data with variable/value labels in the main translation, and other translations provided in Excel?

Hello @arthurshaw2002 ,

there was a bug affecting several versions where the dialog for export was not showing the language selector for multilingual questionnaires.

This has been previously fixed: Translation combo box does not show up on Export page · Issue #2521 · surveysolutions/surveysolutions · GitHub

and is working now:

Which server/version are you using?

Best, Sergiy

Thanks, Sergiy. I’m using an old version on my pesonal test server: 22.06.2 (build 32754)

Since I should update anyway–for lots of reasons–I’ll do that and let you know if that resolves the issue. (It almost certainly will, based on the info provided above.)

Sure. Thanks. If the problem reoccurs - please reopen the ticket.
In the meanwhile you can also use the API to trigger the export in a particular language as the problem was an interface issue only (selector was not appearing, but the export itself was working for any language).

Note also that “variable labels” were never supplied in the translation files!

Best, Sergiy

@sergiy, after upgrading from 22.06 to 23.06, the issue is resolved. The translation selector appears as pictured above in the data export tab.

There seems to be a small–maybe 1-2 second lag–before the translation selector is drawn in the UI. This is likely because of my low-powered free-tier AWS EC2 instance.

@arthurshaw2002 , thank you for confirming the issue is not present in the most recent version and that updating has helped. Best, Sergiy