How to use unselected options in a roster

I am developing a questionnaire where I need respondents to choose for which stages of the agricultural process they use mechanization. With the ones they chose, I already developed a roster in order to ask further questions about these specific stages. Nevertheless, I would also like them to answer why they did not choose to mechanize the other stages. For these, I would also like to develop a roster for the unselected options. Is there any way (coding, variable) that I can use in order to develop a roster with the unselected options from a categorical multi-select question?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Hello Roberto,

I see two ways:

  1. realizing that you want to talk about every stage anyway, have a fixed roster, inside start with a Y/N question “Are you using mechanization at this stage %rostertitle%?” and then branch accordingly;

  2. if you insist on a mcq first, then for items not-selected you can introduce a fixed roster with the same items as in mcq and a condition that the current rowcode is not selected in the mcq. Also check “hide if disabled”.

Best, Sergiy


you can also look at the “Tourism seasons” section in the “Public example User questions and common patterns”: questionnaire, which shows a more complex task of dividing into three groups and iterating over each group.

Best, Sergiy