How to use an item from a roster in an enabling condition

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How can I use a question Which is a question from a roster in an enabling condition for a new section. For example the number of rows in a roster is decided by the number of trips a person takes and the question “Have you stayed overnight” is used to enable a new section is if the answer to this question from any trips (if more than 1) within the roster is yes then the section should be enabled.

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My understanding is that you want to enable a section if there is at least one “yes” answer to a question in a roster. If so, what you, here’s an answer in pseudo-code:

tripsRoster.Any(x => x.stayedOvernight == 1)

To unpack the code above:

  • tripsRoster is the name of your roster
  • Any is query method
  • This expression provides the terms of the query: x => x.stayedOvernight == 1
  • The expression is an anonymous function, of lambda function, that can be read as: an observation such that stayedOveright is “yes”

For more details, please have a look at the LINQ article. For further example, beyond those in the articles and some public questionnaires, search for some answered questions on this forum.

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