How to show different pictures/attachements for different respondents

Hello SuSo Team,

This is the first time I write so sorry for potential mistakes in explaining my problem.

During the first visit of the survey I am working on, the enumerators took two pictures of two selected facilities owned by the respondent (and they collected information about those facilities).
For the second visit, the goal of the interview is to have a follow-up of the characteristics of those facilities.
In order to avoid confusion regarding which facilities to investigate, I would like to allow the enumerators to show the same pictures to the respondents. The pictures will be used just as a confirmation of which facilities they discussed about during the first visit.

I investigated the attachment feature (through adding a static text and specifying the attachment to show) but, as far as I understood, this feature will show the same attachment for every respondent.
Moreover, (thinking to a different way to use the feature) uploading the two attachments for every respondent (and allowing them throughout an enabling condition based of “show this if household_id=xxx”) will be very time-consuming (the sample is composed of 300 hhs).

Now my question is: is it possible to upload different attachments for the entire sample ?
Is there a way to upload an attachment just as preloaded data ?

Thank you very much in advance,

Hi Marco,

The attachment feature within the Designer itself should imho mainly be used for attachments that you want to use across your survey/sample (generic questions).

Unfortunately, once you move to survey stage, that is within Survey Solutions Headquarter application, you can not preload pictures while sending out assignments (see question type limitations). As far as I can see the Developer Team is discussing to incorporate this feature in the future (see this issue).

For the time being, my first thought would be to move this outside of SurSol: Create a printout document, or a digital version (html, PDF), that contains the pictures of households that a respective field team has to visit. In addition, assign a unique ID to each facility and reference it within the SurSol Questionnaire (which also could be pre-loaded), so that you know which facility they are collecting data for again.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your answer, I see from the link you attached that this is still something under discussion!
For this particular survey unfortunately it will be very difficult to move this outside survey solution (for too many reasons, firstly the training of the enumerators), but the idea you proposed may will be useful in the future!

Thank you again!


  1. Picture questions can’t be preloaded, see Design limitations by question type

  2. Attachments are resolved at design-time. Hence If your sample changes you need to go back to the Designer and rework your questionnaire.

Perhaps the closest is to use ‘flexible images’: Version 20.08

But note that they are not intended for the use-case you are describing. And clearly it will not be feasible if you had 300,000 households instead of 300.

It is not clear what is meant here by the ‘facility’. If the facility is a personally identifiable information - do not upload to the Designer.

Is this for Cape Verde schools survey?

Hi Sergiy,

It is for a Post-Harvest Loss survey.
Basically, during the first visit we selected two storage facilities per household to collect information regarding some crops stored there (and we took a picture for every storage facility).
During the second visit we would like to be sure that both enumerators and respondents are able to come back to the same structure with no doubts, and the pictures collected in visit one would have been perfect no to make any mistake.


Hello Marco,

I see no elegant way to solve this. You could:

  1. Include a hidden question into your questionnaire for the second visit, and preload it with a URL of the image(s) taken in the first visit. - this will require Internet connectivity during the interview to display the image, which may be hard to rely upon.

  1. Email the interviewers the corresponding images with identification to which assignment/facility they correspond in advance (ideally automate their distribution, but will be a havoc in case the supervisors also need them, or when the assignments get reassigned, etc).

  2. Have 1 catalogue (e.g. a PDF file with 300x2 pages, each with a photo and an ID) which you make all the interviewers download in advance and go to the field.

  3. Preload the GPS coordinates of the storage facilities as the target (if you’ve collected them in the first place and they allow reliable identification on the ground). May be too late for this, and even if you have this, can be that it’s not straightforward with the farmer.

Depending on the privacy concerns, #3 is the most vulnerable and is best to be avoided, but it is least technologically challenging, imho.

Thank you Sergiy,

At the end we decided not to include pictures in the questionnaire (we provided a series of information to trace back the correct structure), but your suggestions could be very helpful for the future!

What does this mean? I see at least three possible interpretations:

  • verbal description of how it looks like (a la “red barn with a black roof”);
  • verbal description of the way how to get there (a la “follow the path from the porch leading towards the river for 50m, turn left by the oak tree, …”);
  • GPS coordinates.

In the first visit we collected information regarding the construction materials for walls, roof and floor, other than other info such as the storage capacity, the age and cost of the structure…
all those info were displayed as text message in the app