How to read/check interviewers comments online?


Is there any way to read/check interviewers comments online instead of downloading data every time and read from “interview__comments.sav” file.

I want to give Supervisor account ability to read comments received from interviewers online without need of exporting/downloading data everytime.

Supervisor can see the interviewer comments if they are left in the interview, no special action is required.

To find the comments use the filter at the left hand side


Dear Sir,

Thankyou for quick reply.

I logged-in with supervisor account and checked all the filter options in each report option but unfortunately unable to find option to view interviewer_comment data.

Could you please further explain where I should search them ?

There is no way to see all interviews in all questionnaires–for example, to have a web view of the interview__comments file.

But the supervisor may view the comments in one interview at a time. Here are steps for doing so, with an example in the image below.

  • Log into Supervisor
  • Click on Interviews tab
  • Open an interview
  • Click on the With comments filter. The number in parentheses after With comments indicates the total number of comments in the interview. If there are no comments, one will see (0)
  • Click on the returned items with comments in the middle tab.
  • See the comments for that question
  • Click on another item with comments in the middle tab.